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Karis is a writer and diaperfur. Karis was formerly married to artist Marci McAdam.[citation needed]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Karis' Playground logo

Karis was the first person[citation needed] to bring diaperfur art to the furry community, thus creating the babyfur movement.[clarify][citation needed] Karis is known as a staunch defender of artist's rights.[citation needed]

Karis' Playground[edit]

Kariscreated his website, Karis' Playground, in order to bring more diaper art to the web.[citation needed] The site was inert from 2008 to June 4, 2015.

It features comics and stories of human adult babies and adults diapered, as well as a handful of offerings for babyfurs and diaperfurs. The site initially featured both gallery artwork and sellable prints from a number of artists connected to this paraphilia, but those sections were removed in mid-2008, citing[citation needed] a decline in their popularity in the wake of sites like Fur Affinity offering superior gallery space.

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