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Kardas Fox (in full Kardas Wilhelm Fox, real name Christopher Lee Neal II; born September 16, 1989, died July 22, 2015[1]) was an anthropomorphic writer, specializing in erotica.

Kardas did not consider himself to be a part of the furry community, but occasionally associated himself with it or defended it in arguments.[citation needed] He was an open zoophile, with a preference for canids.[citation needed]

Due to his limited writing time, he often followed reader demand in comments on his work, usually leading to a number of sequels. He wrote a pair of stories based on Grrrwolf's artwork.

On July 22, 2015 he committed suicide.[2][1]


In September 2008, he began to post commissioned images of a number of signature characters he claimed to have created all at once. These posted artworks resulted in a minor spark of popularity.

  • Kardas Fox -- His fursona, a 19 year old Red Fox who claims to work in retail but whose exact profession hasn't yet been given. He is often depicted wearing a flat cap, and sometimes a long black coat.
  • Beth Reyton -- A 22 year old white mouse, who is apparently a hospital nurse. She is dominating, and apparently bisexual (she has had sex with Kardas and sexually teased one other male, while also being depicted in sexual situations with her friends Amy]] and Klara).
  • Amy Landers -- A 24 year old brown mouse. She never knew her biological father, and spent the first half of her life in a single parent home. She has a half-sister named Kate. Very little else has been revealed about her, but she has appeared in three images thus far and can be considered a recurring character.
  • The Tokarev Twins -- Aleksandr and Klara Tokarev, twin 18 year old Siberian Huskies. They look very similar, aside from hair style and obvious gender-based physical differences. They have a romantic, sexual, incestuous relationship and do not appear to have any moralistic hang-ups about what they do together. Their parents know about this; their mother Alyona reacts with shock and disgust while their father Viktor seems rather apathetic. Klara was once depicted with a home pregnancy test that read positive, this was later revealed to be a false reading.


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