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Kapernikus Lundquist is a furry DJ, playing in Second Life on Mondays from 8:00AM-10:00AM (Second Life Time) on Rainbow Tiger Radio. He mostly plays Adult Alternative.

Second Life[edit]

Kapernikus spends most of his time in Second life DJing at the Rainbow Tiger, meeting people at the Gay Yiffy Club, and hanging out with some of his friends. He would like to learn how to build, but so far has (according to him) "mastered the wooden cube." He now tends to go as a grey huskie avatar.

Real Life[edit]

Kapernikus Lundquist is currently a college student in CA. He was born June 23rd, 1989. He has many fake names that he uses in different situations, and rarely uses his real name. He is an indie film lover, is obsessed with books (often raving about House of Leaves), and listens to music all of the time. He tends to multitask until he reaches stress induced insomnia, relaxes a week or two, then goes right back to multitasking. He is gay and is very casual about it. He studies sexology and psychology, and is working on a book that deals with both.

The Many Names of Kapernikus (and their uses)[edit]

  • Kapernikus Lundquist - His name when on SL
  • Kapernikus Tonimus Jones, King of the Squirrel Kings - His name for weird situations, and his all purpose name
  • Alexander Llamahausen - His fancy name
  • That Guy - The name that he uses when he wants no one to know his real name, and wants to make that fact clear to others
  • And many others (none of the above are his real name)
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