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Kanapi as seen by the furry artist MyZ@

Kanapi aka K.Miles aka Hellion aka Kanapi Da Fox is a furry poet and musician. Born in 1990 in Ostashkov, Russia, he is believed to preceed the five-years-after-the-new millennium generation of younger Russian furries for joining in at the age of fifteen.

Also known as the first one to promote rap music amongst furries by making his own and filling the lyrics with furry moods. One of his records, "Get Yiffed", contains the line "R.Kelly failed it but I guess I prevailed it, no I ain't here to promote male'n'male sh**" Thus, Kanapi may be accused of spreading "heterosexual yiff propaganda" among newcomer furries as a rapper, as none are usually any gayer than straight.

Kanapi moved to Moscow when he was a little cub. Since then he's been a guest at his birthplace.

Eminem being his main inspiration ("He's the person to take from cause Shady was white and I got one of them colours you would not even like" - from a freestyle on hip-hop.ru), Kanapi partly shares his ideas and views, like Marshall's 'scenic insanity' and 'addiction to sex' ("I never keep my d*** less than busy" - "Make Ya Proud").

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