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Kameira is a furry artist from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, who specializes in digital media. Her fursona is usually represented by either a tattooed bottlenose/common dolphin, or a dragon. Her full fursona name, Kameira Lumina, means 'sapphire crescent'.


Kameira found the furry lifestyle, believing that she leaned toward it because of the way she feels about humans and her love for ocean life. Usually she refers to her dolphin self as her "finsona" rather than her fursona. Her other fursona, the dragon, has undergone a drastic change since she first created it.


Kameira has only been taking her art seriously since 2005. She began drawing dolphins and dragons, two of her favorite things, and began drawing more often to develop her artistic skills. Some of her works include her dragon fursona or finsona. Recently, she has started drawing fanart exclusive to the games Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

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