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Kamber, also known as Kamber Lane and Kamber G. Lane, found the fandom in late 1998 through FurryMuck.

Fandom involvement[edit]


The character was originally created as a female shetland pony, and has undergone several changes in style, gender and attitude throughout the years but has always remained a shetland pony. While more widely seen in art in the hyper and herm style, she is now portrayed more realistically and is fully female.

Wolffox radio[edit]

In the early 2000's Kamber began broadcasting a fictional news program on what was then known as Wolffox radio that was put together by Gentle and 2 gryphon. The show, known as Wolffox News with Kamber Lane and Jack Dancer, had 12 to 15 episodes based around parody news stories such as The Mad Cow Invasion, the Macro Football League and Interviews with Lucifer. The show came to a halt when the player ran out of free time and the radio station started having troubles with what would eventually become the death of live365.


Kamber is a regular on the con circuit, and began fursuiting as the pony in 2001. The fursuit has seen few changes beyond clothing and hoof designs that are more comfortable and safer. Kamber is often seen suiting with her best friend in the fandom Roxikat.

The fursuit has been on hiatus since 2009 awaiting repairs and possible redesign. Kamber also suits in a Steampunk german shepherd with a [[W:Jet pack}jet pack]] named Jack Dancer, who is pat of the Daedalus Crew. Kamber is currently only attending Condition and MFF yearly.

Dead Horse Party[edit]

During a late night stagger about MFF 2006 the now semi-infamous Sunday parties began.[citation needed] These parties are hosted by Kamber, a shetland pony, and Rozberk, a pegasus unicorn' and so became known as the Dead Horse Party named after the famous Dead Dog parties. The motto of the Dead Horse Party is "Everyone is invited, but not everyone can stay", demonstrating an open door invitation to all that can behave themselves. The last of these parties were held in 2010 at MFF.

Guest of Honor[edit]

Kamber was guest of honor at the 2010 Condition furcon in London Ontario, along with Potoroo and Roxikat.[citation needed] She became the auctioneer for the convention and that year set a record for the most money raised by a single item in a first year con at $1500 CAD.[citation needed]

Kamber was the auctioneer for the 2011 con as well. In a 3.5 hours riot the 250 person convention managed to raise $10,586.00 CAD for the Salthaven.org charity, fulfilling the rehabilitation centers entire yearly fund raising budget in a single auction.[citation needed]


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