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Kalus Aleksandr (name is pronouced Kay-loss) is a member of the Furry Fandom and is an active Furry Ham . He was an active member on the Yiffstar forums under the screenname of Kalus.

Outside of the furfandom, Kalus is a college student studying homeland security and currently a ROTC Cadet. know to be called "Husky" by most of his friends and their parents he works as a security officer and also a active volunteer in his school's Gay-Straight Alliance. Known to be quite the airsoft fanatic at times he has spent well more then the price of his own car on his main rifle.

He stumbled into the fandom in december of 2003 when he joined Yiffstar, having gained an interest in furs from his furry friends Bengalic and Zander on YIM. Kalus' fursona is a Siberian Husky.