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Kaidron's fursona.

Kaidron Dragon (also simply known as Kaidron) is a furry artist and fursuiter from Norwich, England.[1]


Kaidron's fursona is a white dragon. He is half Westen and half Eastern (Luck Dragon), with yellow whiskers and belly and purple claws and head spikes. He wears green cargo pants and no top.


Kaidron joined the fandom in 2011. His first furmeet was a LondonFur meet in May of that year.

Kaidron created his Fur Affinity account in June 2011, using the username Kaidron. He offers free art requests.

As of November 2011, Kaidron has been helping his mate, Drayke Blaze, to organise the Norwich Furmeets that are advertised on UKFur.org. There is one furmeet per month and details about them can be found in the 'East' section on UKFur.org.


Kaidron's Fursuit made by Chocolatekittykatt.

Kaidron got his fursuit in the Summer of 2012. It was made by Chocolatekittykatt. Kaidron fursuits at Norwich furmeets, London furmeets, and cosplay events in Norwich.


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