Black Tapestries

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Black Tapestries
Author(s) Jakkal
Launch date July 11, 2002
End Date February 28, 2008

Black Tapestries is a fantasy webcomic created by Jakkal. The comic may be of interest to the furry fandom, as it contains anthropomorphic animals, werecreatures, and normal animal characters.


Black Tapestries shows parallels between Earth's history through a fantasy viewpoint. Racial power struggles, racial intolerance, and segregation play major roles in this comic between the humans and anthropomorphic animals called "Kaetif". Humanity and Kaetif hate each other with equal furor, and both races (as a whole) would love to wipe the other off the face of the world. At the present time, however, the Humans have the upper hand, mostly due to an organization known as the Order. The Order is comprised of upper echelon mages, who strive to strictly control the magics, known as "the Art" in the world.

The main character Lorelei, cursed to be both human and kaetif, walks a fine line between the two societies, never to belong to either. This is the story of her life and her struggles on this strange world of Raekarta.


In a time when tensions between humans and Kaetif were high, a lone drifter, Lorelei, finds herself caught up in an everlasting power struggle between the two races. She encounters one life altering event after another in a constant struggle against those seeking to control her. Sent to assassinate a powerful archmage, she is cursed to roam throughout life accepted by neither human nor Kaetif, only to be seen as an abomination by both. Clinging on to her humanity, she encounters treachery, deceit, and discord from those seeking to control her. Lorelei must fend off the enemies she know as well as the faceless foes she doesn’t in this fantastic, action webcomic.


The Kaetif are an anthropomorphic animal race. They were created through magical means for the purpose of performing menial labor so that humans would have more time pursuing other, usually intellectual, interests and as such the Kaetif were regarded as slaves and were treated poorly. The Kaetif eventually revolted, and many wars and plagues ensued.

In the time period that the comic takes place, Kaetif are still an underclass, shunned and despised by most humans. A few humans have been proponents of greater cooperation and even equality with the Kaetif, but they are generally viewed as radicals and some have become targets of assassination. Many Kaetif still do menial labor, while others live wild or have become bandits. One sizable town is inhabited entirely by Kaetif and has become something of a safe haven for them.

The Kaetif include a variety of anthropomorphic species, among which are canines, felines, reptilians, and numerous others.


Raekarta is a place of magic, spiritual energy, mystics, mages, bounty hunters, common folk and a unique race of anthropomorphic animals called the Kaetif. Mostly un-industrialized like the modern world we live in, Raekarta is a place where monsters -do- hide in the deep woods.


Main characters[edit]

  • Lorelei the Drifter

Other characters[edit]

  • Issac
  • Dane
  • Tristan