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Kaebora The Gunbunny

Kaebora "The Gunbunny" (born in December 1985) is an artist and fursuiter who lives in Plano, Texas, U.S.A.

Kaebora's fursona is a rabbit, or more specifically referred to as a gunbunny due to his preference of futurist armor and weapons. His main fursuit was constructed by Tiggy Workz, and debuted at A-Kon 20 in 2009. He has been seen costuming in characters belonging to other performers, and likewise has allowed friends to wear the bunny. He has been seen performing in various clubs, and at anime conventions as the "Otaku Bunny". His most notable feature is the ability to talk with a moving jaw.

Kaebora used to be an estate manager for various FurNation SIMs in the online MMO Second Life from early 2008 until late 2009. This includes FurNation Polaris, Zagerian Forest, and FurNation Purgatory. He is also a freelance computer animator, doing various types of commercial commissions unrelated to the furry fandom.

On May 21st 2013, Kaebora purchased the Second Life sims FurNation Hell and FurNation Alpha from Corsi Mousehold. He rebuilt the sims and renamed them Hydra Nova and Icarus Nova. The sim rental group Nova Estates was also founded by Kaebora for these sims.

Kaebora on front page of a San Antonio newspaper.

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