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Kabier, also known as Mitsu, Genesis and Xel (born November 28, 1996), is a former furry artist from Canada. She is engaged to artist Jasonafex (Vergence), and lives with him in Caledonia, Ontario, Canada.


Kabier's fursona is a Shiba Inu named Mitsu.

Leaving the fandom[edit]

On February 19, 2019, she announced that not only she was no longer participating in the podcast, as well as officially leaving the fandom over the alleged politics (predominantly left-wing and Social justice warriors (SJW) politics) and drama that had "ruined the fandom".[1]

Even though she is not a (stated) furry anymore, her present art portfolio contains funny animal/anthropomorphic material for her future friends and clients interested in the style.[2]


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