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Ka Crow, a poet, novelist, college English professor, social activist, and furry artist, is neither Crow nor Kaa Starhunter -- nor is she a robot who snarks movies, although you can certainly find her out movie-snarking on occasion. She lives in East Bumfuck, Nowhere, with her so-called "mundane" husband and two cats, who are extremely furry.

A lifelong fan of talking animal fantasy and anthropomorphic character races in role-playing games, she was introduced to the furry fandom by boogi (Robert Goodwin), the maintainer of a lengthy fursuit FAQ. Her own costuming style tends much more toward a theatrical representation of the animal in question -- her fursona is a common crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos) -- than the mascot-style full-body suits preferred by most fursuiters. Once convinced to apply to YNA by Vinci & Arty creator Candy Dewalt, Ka was thoroughly "drawn" in.

Always obstinate, Ka is unusual in the fandom in several respects: having an avian persona, rather than mammalian or draconid; having, indeed, a talking animal persona, like the creatures of Watership Down or Redwall, instead of an anthropomorphic one; strongly preferring traditional to digital media in her own art; and mostly eschewing spooge outside of work for hire, with one notable exception -- a special run of erotica produced in an attempt to bribe a friend to stop smoking.

Ka has occasionally volunteered for light duties around Anthrocon, and enjoys interacting with other artists there and with other bird enthusiasts on Avians.net. An avid real-life birder, Ka is sad that "phoenix" and "gryphon" aren't species that count toward her life list. Ka is open to art trades and commissions, and has just finished a commission for which her payment was a pair of plush toy birds.

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