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KO, also known as KOakaKO, KOalsoKO and KO Okey on Second Life (real name Kevin, born July 7, 1968,[1] died November 2017),[2] was a furry writer who lived in Huntsville, Alabama, USA, and was mated to PITA.

Fandom involvement[edit]

KO was the "Head Cat",[2] chairman, and events coordinator for Rocket City FurMeet.[3] KO also ran the Video Room for MFM, was an executive assistant for Kiran at FWA, and managed ConOps for Con*Stellation, a smaller Sci-Fi convention local to Huntsville.

KO was also the creator of the "Drama-Free" sign box,[clarify] seen at RCFM, FWA, and MFM. He wrote several pieces of fanfiction set in the Zootopia universe.


KO died in November 2017 from natural causes.


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