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KL Sanchez, as drawn by PotionMasterCernun

KL Sanchez is an artist and author, also known by the pen names "Zephir" and "The Playwright". His fursona is a brown fox, distinct from a fennec in that he is otherwise a traditional red or silver fox without additional markings. He first came into the fandom around 2006 or 2007, although he had been using a furred avatar since 2003.

He is a self-taught artist, poet, lyricist, musician, comic illustrator and writer, and author, with a growing library of library of art and written works, including poems, short stories, and novels, only a handful of which have been published on FurAffinity[1] and the Final Fantasy fansite Caves of Narshe[2] (under the pen name "Zephir").

He currently resides in the Brazos Valley near Snook, Texas and is a native Texan.

As an artist[edit]

Sanchez's artistic style is self-taught from trial and observation, and is of a more modern style, utilizing crisp linework and sharp coloring to paint the canvas. In the past, he has used pencilworks, markers, and india inks to produce his art, as well as fully vector-drawn linework. His style lends itself towards cartoonish representations of characters, but attempts to keep somewhat towards a measure of realism.

For more detailed information on each of KL Sanchez's comics, their backstories, and history, as well as his art history and backstory, one can read the included informational text files in his personal art archive on FurAffinity.[3]

Comics authored and illustrated[edit]

In 2003 to 2011 Sanchez was active in the webcomics community, and published multiple works of varying genres and styles. His artistic style has varied from comic to comic, and has developed over the years as his technique has improved; as such, there is little commonality between the comics, excepting only for a gradual development of style as time went forward.

The Bagel Revolution (2003-2004)[edit]

This was a short-lived project masterminded by KL's friend Philip Seals and co-authored with their mutual friend "Soup"; together, they referred to themselves as "The Forlorn Group", and all the comics in the series were attributed as such. From August 2003 to March 2004 they produced nine comics; the project was discontinued by Sanchez as he had returned home from college at the time, and the work involved became too great to handle. The comic was published on a custom website written by Soup, who was the group's primary webcoder.

The comic was a mouse-drawn, cutout-style comic, written and produced for a general audience and possessing an eclectic, parody-driven humor.[4]

Steve and Mac (2006-2007)[edit]

Following the demise of The Bagel Revolution, KL and Philip Seals began to concoct a new webcomic idea, as KL began to develop his artistic skills. Devising a method utilizing markers, pens, and computer-generated borders and effects, they created the Steve and Mac webcomic; for this project, Seals was the primary writer and Sanchez the artist, although on occasion Sanchez would write all or most of a storyline. The comic developed a tiny cult following during its run on Comicgenesis, utilizing an irreverent humor style and sometimes-risqué language and themes to build its stories and characters. The comic often parodied or paid homage to other existing comics or television shows. When the workload became too much for Sanchez to handle, the two attempted to find a new artist to replace him as the primary artist, so that he could instead focus on writing; an artist was found in the person of Mars Defden, but she fell out of contact and the comic died completely. There are no plans to resurrect the property or update the material.[5]

Strangely Normal (2005)[edit]

In 2005, KL began to experiment with developing his art style, and devised a general-audience comic named Strangely Normal. Created as a side project to Steve and Mac, KL used eccentric characters and situations to develop a unique blend of humor for the comic. Originally running 3 to 5 times per week as a series of one-shots, the comic eventually developed a few longer storylines, and a few of its characters made cameo appearances in Steve and Mac & Comicarotica. The project also developed a tiny cult following. After 100 issues, KL brought it to a conclusion, neatly ending the comic's run and its storylines.[6]

Comicarotica (2006-2011)[edit]

In late 2006, Sanchez began to devise a new series to take the place of Strangely Normal in his work rotation; developed as a series of one-off also-ran jokes and gags, it was intended to feature all the oddball and unsortable ideas not suitable for Steve and Mac, or any other particular artwork which was not strictly a comic; the result was Comicarotica. Although the name evokes the imagery of erotica (and though the comic eventually would feature mature situations and mild sexual content), it was nothing more than a combination of the word comic with the idea and theme of a collection of strange humor and tales.

Running from November 2006 to April 2011, it is by far the longest-running and most enduring of the works he was involved in, and developed as dedicated, if not quite as large a cult following as Steve and Mac. Towards the end of its run, the hosting website (Comicgenesis) experienced repeated outages, crashes, and errors, and it was mirrored to Drunkduck.[7]

Although the comic started as purely mature in content, it would eventually come to contain graphic nudity and mild sexual situations, and the humor itself was far-ranging and heavily eclectic and irreverent, often dismissively so. Its style was primarily composed of pencilworks done in a very minimalist style, but would sometimes become more elaborate. Many of the characters that appeared in Comicarotica either debuted on the Jack fan forums as characters in a Caption This themed art series, or debuted in Comicarotica as recurring characters, and would eventually go on to become art staples of KL's (in particular the characters of Busty Girl, Busty Bitch, Office Gal, Censor Lady, Douglas Fur, and Miko Threetits). Other regular characters in KL's portfolio would make cameo appearances in the comic, as would the fursonas of real-life friends (most notably AllyCat) and parodies of his real-life friends (such as Philip Seals, who appeared as himself, a dragon, and as a talking broom).

In 2016, a one-off comic was drawn which celebrated the spirit—if not the actual return—of Comicarotica. At present, there are no plans to resurrect the comic, although the possibility has never been officially ruled out.

Born Fuzzy (2007)[edit]

In 2007, KL experimented with an all-animal cast to develop his artistic abilities; the result was the nine-comic miniseries Born Fuzzy. Developed with a more mature sense of humor in mind, the comic was rendered in full color for its entire run, which was a first for KL's comics.[8]

Charlie Sev (2006-2007)[edit]

From October 2006 to March 2007, KL experimented with a noir-style comic rooted in mature themes and content, inspired partly by the webcomic Jack (webcomic) by David Hopkins, and Frank Miller's Sin City (largely by the film version, however). Utilizing gore and graphic sex to paint a gritty picture, it was conceived as a crime-noir graphic novel, with two full chapters published online and the beginning of a third chapter. The project was never continued or completed, and is only partly written. The project received a mild revision in September 2007, with the prologue getting an update treatment.[9]

Guest comics & other works[edit]

In addition to his own works, Sanchez has produced a number of guest comics for other artists, almost all of which are parodies, to include among them: One Question & Daisy and Moira and Roy by Cheeko, Fletcher Apts by JTigerclaw (comics and fanarts), Konsekai: Swordwaltzer by Xero Reynolds, Newscast by Kevin Nelson, and Shades of Grey by Robin "Rone" Dempsey (comics and fanarts).

He has also produced a number of commissioned comics and one-shot comics, many of which are of a humorous bent. A number are fancomics for the Jack webcomic, and a number more still are original works posted to his FurAffinity gallery. Several more unfinished, speculative projects were compiled into his art archive, compiled in September 2014, and include the following:

  • Dragoncaster, an unfinished Inuyasha doujinshi project he produced a few character designs for.
  • Psalm, an original apocalyptic dystopian project with spiritual undertones.
  • Sheena Feena, a speculative comedy project that was never fully specced.
  • SUBA, a one-off concept that was never fleshed out.
  • An untitled manga-style comic that has been rewritten, reworked, and merged into other projects over the years.

Art Books & Prints[edit]

KL Sanchez has also published two art books, under the series title Playwright's Playgirls, each of which is a collection of pinup-style artworks assembled into a miniature anthology of artworks. The first edition was once available for purchase through Lulu.com.

In addition, he has an Inkbunny page, where he has prints available for purchase.[10]

As a musician[edit]

Sanchez has authored and composed a small number of musical pieces and lyrics, none of which are published. He utilizes computer software and samples to create electronic and pseudo-industrial pieces. He has authored a number of lyrical poems and lyrics, at least one of which is posted to his FurAffinity gallery. The lyrics for another original song—Broken Glass—were featured prominently in the guest comic series produced for Fletcher Apts, there attributed to the fictional anthro band Animus.

Musically, he plays guitar, bass, and utilizes software to program and sequence songs. In his grade school days, he also learned to play the flute.

Musical works[edit]
  • Was heißt mich
  • Jamberwocky (original version and 2006 remix)
  • DFUD
  • Anomalous
  • Empire

As an author[edit]

In 2003, while in college, he began to write, and discovered he had a passion for it and a skill. He began by writing one-off flash fiction and short stories, of which the original works were not published online until he compiled them into a short anthology in October 2013. While the bulk of his published work has been fanfiction, Sanchez has been writing original fiction since 2003. He has been an on-and-off-again writer since 2003, producing mostly fanfictions in 2003 to 2005, again in 2007, 2009, and began to write original fiction in a more voluminous manner from 2013 onward. He considers himself a writer first and an artist second, and writes lyrics and poems as the mood suits him. He is listed in the FurAffinity Writer's Directory.[11][12]

In 2005 he wrote a children's novella titled The Kitsu Twins Misadventures, which was published on Lulu. In 2006 he was inactive, but from July 2007 to January 2008 produced a number of fanfictions for the Jack webcomic, along with a number of fancomics. In 2009 he wrote two short stories for the Shades of Grey webcomic, both of which were submissions for the book content contests for her graphic novel printings of the comic. Inactive again in 2010 and 2012, 2011 saw him produce a single piece of flash fiction for the Equestria Inquirer, which was not utilized by the Inquirer.

In 2013 and 2014, he produced a series of erotica fiction short stories under a theme, which were later collected into a novella-length anthology, the last story in the series of which was finished in 2015 (Adult Pacifiers). In 2013 he also completed a number of long-unfinished Final Fantasy fanfictions, and in 2014 completed his first full-length, original novel (The Blood Witch), along with a handful of original short stories and a few pieces of flash fiction which accompany The Blood Witch; he also completed his first original novella: Gaia. Of the works, only the fanfictions have been published to the submissions forum at Caves of Narshe (excepting for a single epic novel-length Final Fantasy fanfiction) and the short story Nighttime Musings.

Excepting for the completion of the Playgirl-centered shory story in 2015, Sanchez was again inactive in 2015 and 2016. In 2017 he returned to writing, and has completed numerous short stories, most of which remain unpublished, save for Hidon (Caves of Narshe submission, Final Fantasy 6 fanfiction) and Who Dreams of the Dreamer? (Furry Fiesta 2017 conbook).


While not a primary focus of his efforts, KL Sanchez is also a poet and lyricist. As part of his efforts, he sometimes attempts to utilize secondary languages, including German and Spanish in addition to his native English. His published works include The Perfect Girl, To Fancy a Poet?, and Mechanical Animals, the last of which was based on a watercolor painting he produced in 2011. His prose trends towards experimental verse structures and is partly inspired by the rhyming flow of hip hop artists such as Rakim.

Bibliography (Published Works)[edit]

A comprehensive bibliography of KL Sanchez's published works follows, to include those works published to his FurAffinity, accepted into the fanfiction section at the Caves of Narshe, and submitted publicly to the Caves of Narshe submission forum. Where possible, links are provided (many works no longer have an online presence). Approximate dates of completion or publication are provided in parentheses. Unless otherwise noted, no works were published in print form.

Short Stories & Flash Fiction[edit]

In chronological order of publication, Sanchez's published short stories & flash fiction include the following (dates of completion in parentheses).

Original Works[edit]
Adult Pacifier series (by installment number)[edit]

Here, the listed dates are for "final-edit" versions, following revisions and updates to the source material; they do not reflect the actual publication date (all works were published in sequence, excepting for installment #3, which was published out of order). These works are "tease fiction" erotica.

In May 2017, Sanchez anthologized the stories into a single volume.

Final Fantasy Fanfiction[edit]

KL Sanchez was once one of the more prolific fanfiction authors for the Final Fantasy series in the fandom, and developed a cult following on the Caves of Narshe website in its heyday. Some of his works have been collected into anthologies (posted to his FurAffinity page), while others are extant on the Caves of Narshe website in its fanfiction section; where applicable, the link to the official Caves of Narshe page is indicated, and only the anthology link is given when the work is not published on the Caves of Narshe website.

Jack Fanfiction[edit]

KL Sanchez was a prolific writer of Jack fanfiction in the heyday of the Jack forums, producing numerous works and becoming among the Jack fandom's most voluminous writers of Jack fanfiction. When the forum went offline, his works were lost until collected into an anthology in May 2017.[13]

The link to the anthology can be found here.

  • Angel Fuck (August 2007)
  • Foxsnake Obituary (August 2007)
  • Where Did I Go Wrong? (August 2007)
  • Going Down (August 2007)
  • Revolverhead (August 2007)
  • TTWA: Sam I Am (August 2007)
  • TTWA: God Only Lives In Lies (August 2007)
  • TTWA: Yesterdays (August 2007)
  • The Thirteen (August 2007)
  • Age of the Unclean (August 2007)
  • Rework the Dead: H-Town (August 2007)
  • The God That Failed (January 2008)
Assorted Fanfiction[edit]

In addition to his Final Fantasy and Jack fanfictions, he has written fanfiction for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and the Shades of Grey webcomic by Robin "Rone" Dempsey (now Robin Childs).

  • Vengeance (June 2009) [Shades of Grey fan fiction]
  • Past & Present (June 2009) [Shades of Grey fan fiction]
  • E Inquirer Submission (December 2011) [My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic]


In chronological order of completion, Sanchez's published novellas include the following.

  • Dragon's Head (Blood and Honor + The Unforgiven + Blood Brothers) (November 2013) [Final Fantasy 6; anthology of the three stories into a single novella]


KL Sanchez has no published novels as of April 2017.


In chronological order of completion, Sanchez's published poetry & lyrics include the following.

The ACFI Fictional Universe[edit]

In 2017 became part of the Alamo City Furry Invasion staff and soon became the lead editor and content creator of the Alamo City Furry Invasion Fictional Universe. Following is a list of the works he has published as part of that endeavor, in chronological order.

Bibliography (Unpublished Works)[edit]

A comprehensive bibliography of KL Sanchez's unpublished works follows. Approximate dates of completion or publication are provided in parentheses.

Short Stories & Flash Fiction[edit]

In chronological order of completion, Sanchez's unpublished short stories & flash fiction include the following.

  • Zapped! (November 2004) [Final Fantasy 7 fan fiction]
  • Legacies (March 2014) [Blood Witch companion piece]
  • The Hunt (April 2014) [Blood witch companion piece]
  • Satellite (April 2014)
  • The Darkness and the Light (April 2014)
  • Origins (November 2014) [Blood Witch companion piece]
  • The Arbiter (January 2017)
  • Robin (January 2017)
  • The Loup-Garou (January 2017)
  • The Exiled One (January 2017)
  • The Supernaut (January 2017)
  • Beyond His Nightmares (March 2017) [Furry Fiesta 2017 story contest submission]
  • The Search (April 2017)


In chronological order of completion, Sanchez's unpublished novellas include the following.

  • Gaia (May 2014)


In chronological order of completion, Sanchez's unpublished novels include the following.

  • Soldiers of the Empire: Disciples (November 2013) [Final Fantasy 6 fanfiction]
  • The Blood Witch (April 2014) [first draft]


In chronological order of completion, Sanchez's unpublished poetry & lyrics include the following.

  • What Is Love? (July 2007)
  • Freilassen Mich (June 2009)
  • Mein Süsse Licht (June 2009)
  • Open Letter (May 2014)
  • It's a Beautiful World (February 2017, lyrical poem)
  • A Toast to America (March 2017, prose poem)
  • Welcome to... (March 2017, lyric)
  • Nobody's Role Model (March 2017, lyric)

Fandom involvement[edit]

As an artist[edit]

KL Sanchez was involved in the Jack community in its heyday, writing a number of fanfictions and fancomics and collaborating with Border Walker on a fanfiction guide for the known Jack fanfiction and fanworks of the time. He also produced a number of "group pic" artworks, centered on the community's members.

As an artist, he produces primarily furry art, and the aforementioned webcomic Comicarotica—though not strictly a furry comic—quite often contained anthro characters and themes. The Born Fuzzy comic could arguably be considered a furry comic, while the Charlie Sev project was strictly furry. As a writer he produces a mixture of anthro and secular writings, with his furry writings concentrated (as of April 2017) mostly in the Adult Pacifier series; he otherwise produces more secular writings than furry writings.

His first in-print furry writing was the flash fiction "Who Dreams of the Dreamer?", printed in the Furry Fiesta 2017 conbook. His first published furry short story, Kitsu Twins Misadventures #1, was published on Lulu, with no sales (it has since been removed). His second in-print publication was an abridged version of the The Furry, Furry West which appeared in the Alamo City Furry Invasion conbook. He has no other works in print as of November 2017.

In the community[edit]

KL Sanchez served as a volunteer in the Video Room at Furry Fiesta 2012, and took over directorial duties from Chakat Silverstreak when shi retired from the convention for Furry Fiesta 2013. When the Video Room panel was closed the following convention year, he took over as Director of the newly-formed Operations department, which he has been the director of since Furry Fiesta 2014.[14]

In 2017, he also became the Operations lead for Alamo City Furry Invasion, along with becoming Theme & Narrative Development lead and Performance Producer. In 2018 he was promoted to Director of the Production department.[15]

External links[edit]


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