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Enzyme, formerly known as KE Films, was a commissioned furry filmmaking business between Kuga and Equium based in the West Midlands, England.

Fandom activities[edit]

KE Films released a short documentary titled 'That's Amoore' on the composer and Fur Affinity music admin Fox Amoore featuring exclusive music.[1] It surpassed 1,000 views within its first month online, and won two YouTube honours. Its teaser trailer also received three honours in its first 24 hours, ranking as high as 19th most favourited, 30th top rated and 52nd most viewed in the UK's Film & Animation category - and 97th most favourited for that week. A one-hour long DVD is forthcoming in 2010 with exclusive content and music. KE Films are Fox Amoore's official video production company.

KE Films was the official media team for ScotiaCon in April 2011,[2], the trailers for which were shoot in early 2010 as a co-production with AfterDark Productions. They were approached to oversee the live TV feed of RBW 2009 on the convention's official website although RBW eventually decided to keep the work in-house. KE Films tested their new 'poor-man's' steadicam at the Manchester furmeet in November 2009, the results of which can be seen on Equium's YouTube channel.

Non-fandom activities[edit]

The company did work on several projects outside of the fandom, including independent feature films, documentaries, music videos, corporate videos and ads. They also service the Wedding industry on request. Corporate clients include Jager Airsoft, Fenns LTD office stationery & furniture, EverEverAfter Photography, ThisCan LTD motion pictures, the GetBack Band and others.


Kuga specialised in editing short films, scriptwriting and composing (being a pianist) and his resumé includes Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Equium is a broadcast journalist graduate, an Apple-Certified Final Cut Studio editor and plays the bass guitar and glockenspiel. Their collaboration was established in May 2009 after the two met over and realised they were both studying in the same faculty at the same university and officially registered as a business in January 2010.


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