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KCFur is a regional furry group based in the Kansas City area.

Events include Waldo Pizza Thursdays at Waldo Pizza in Kansas City, MO. Additional events also include a spring time barbecue or picnic and parties such as KCFur Howl.[1]


At its Conception KCFur was headed by Maria Paprika and KonnerWolf. Due to personal obligations leadership of the KCFur group was given to Lucky Ringtail on May 5 2015. On September 15, 2016 Lucky passed leadership of KCFur to Sandy Fox. Sandy transferred leadership back to Lucky in early 2017.


  • Lucky Ringtail - Manager of the KCFur's Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, and GroupSpaces pages.

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  1. "KCFur GroupSpaces" The KCFur GroupSpaces site which includes a calendar of events on the main page.