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This article is about the comic. For the sculptor, see Kathmandu.
Katmandu issue one
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Katmandu is a comic book series, created and written by Carole Curtis, and published by Shanda Fantasy Arts since 1993


The series centers around cats that would be considered wild (like lions) and domesticated (like our housecats) alongside mice, and rats in a setting where they interact. They can interact with others, but usually prefer to interact within species. The smaller cats live in teepees and have bisexual polyamorous relationships based on Native American history, stories and legends.

They ride bipedal reptiles as mounts in place of horses, etc. There are no ungulates upon the world of Katmandu, and reptiles/lizards have diversified to fill many of their ecological niches.


Katmandu features two storylines. The first is of Leahtrah & Thorin and is set in their time period, approximating our 1940s-1950s, and set within a continental area like that of the Arabian Desert. The second follows stories that Leahtrah tells her husband and children of her ancestress, Liska, and is set in what would be the American Early Colonial Period. Liska's world is based upon Lakota Sioux, Cheyenne, and other Native American tribes and their legends.


Several artists have illustrated the stories, including Terrie Smith, Shawntae Howard, Michele Light, Dr. Comet, Lisa Jennings, Ursula Husted, Dustmeat, and Ashryn.

The mature series is rated for readers aged fourteen and up. The final issue of the comic ended with #37. The story officially wrapped up in the final issue of Shanda the Panda issue #50, in the side story "Katmandu End of the Tail." The series has also spawned six issues of the Katmandu Annual and a private press 8 issue mini-series of Katmandu adult stories.

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