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Kimberleigh Ann Keister is a furry artist who has drawn fan art of the Road Rovers animated cartoon, The Lion King, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, and other animated films.

Road Rovers and Kylen Miles

Kim made her first foray into the furry fandom when she became involved in the Road Rovers fandom, where she often participated in art trades, forum conversation, and other social activities. Eventually she became acquaintances with Kylen Miles, a popular artist in the Road Rovers fandom and animation student at Loyola Marymount University. Kim soon appeared to emulate her in several ways, drawing characters that closely resembled Kylen's as well as copying Kylen's drawings and passing them off as her own.[1][2][3] Because the Road Rovers fandom was small and tight-knit, Kim was quickly discovered and subsequently admonished by many members of the community for her actions. However, despite that she was ostracized from the community for her actions, Kim continued to draw artwork not only from the Road Rovers, but also equine art inspired by the movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, as well as The Lion King fanart. In a statement issued by Kylen Myles on her website,, she stated that Kim also harassed her younger brother several times.[4]


With growing disagreement between herself and the Road Rovers community, she quickly became estranged from them. She criticized its members through several mediums, including message boards, LiveJournals, and newsgroups. She claimed that Kylen Miles had actually copied her art, and that Kylen was stalking her.[5] Later she would use this same tactic on other artists, even going so far as to include a 'Wall of Shame' page on her personal website, Wintermist Studios.[6]

Another of Kim's favorite targets in the Road Rovers fandom is Convoy, whom at the time was underage and still living with his parents. Kim became infatuated with Convoy, and eventually began claiming that they were dating[7] and then later engaged, as well that he had gotten her pregnant. However, all of this was completely constructed by Kim, as Convoy not only lived on the other side of the United States, but had never met Kim in real life. Finally, after Kim began calling Convoy's home repeatedly, his parents stepped in and barred him from the internet. At that time, Kim appropriated Convoy's Road Rover fan character and began claiming that it was copyright her.[8] Much later, Kim claimed that it was in fact the other way around - that Convoy had made unwanted advances toward her and she only contacted his parents when it got out of hand.[9]

During the turmoil between herself and the Road Rovers fandom, Kim also made several false identities to contact various members. Despite creating realistic sounding names for these personas, Kim was always found out due to her consistent spelling and grammar mistakes.[10][11][12]

Gallery Bans

Kim is purportedly banned for life from Elfwood for plagiarism and other violations.[13]

Kim was "indefinitely suspended" from the VCL at the start of 2005 for her persistent complaints about the site and the "internet rules" it was breaking.[14] As of May 2006 this has been the only exception to the VCL's policy of "no permanent bans". In retaliation, Kim made several attempts to sully Ch'marr's name, including posting to her LiveJournal that he had been arrested for child pornography.[15] The ban was later upgraded to permanent after threats of sexual harassment charges were made to Ch'marr.

Kim was banned from Side7 for identity theft, intellectual property theft, harassment, and subsequent rejoinings after her initial ban.[16]

Kim was banned from Fur Affinity in early 2006, after fabricating a story in which, as she claimed, "dedicated hackers" were constantly hijacking her account and posting dozens of new posts in what would have been the span of five minutes. She threatened the site's administrators with legal action through the FBI's "Special Internet Crime Department" and was banned from the site after IP logs of her account activity proved that no one but herself had accessed the account since its creation.[citation needed] Kim has subsequently re-registered on Fur Affinity[17][18] and has continued her pattern of harassment against people that she targeted in the past.[19][20]

Kim was banned from deviantART under several usernames, including 'WinterHusky',[21] 'YukiSanGDW',[22]

As retaliation to her bans, Kim created numerous groups and profiles in an attempt to defame the administrators and members of the sites she was removed from, including: 'The Furry Art Thief Police',[23]   KAK_Police,[24]   pedifile_in_vcl,[25] and   vcl_pedophilia [26]

Wintermist Productions on Portal of Evil

Kim's website, "Wintermist Productions", was featured on Portal of Evil in March 2002.[27] The Wintermist Productions subforum on PoE was consistently active[28], and when Portal of Evil closed, the Wintermist section was still one of the largest sub-forums ever hosted there.

Around that time, the "Kim Keister Primer" written by JockoJones was a page on Portal of Evil.[29]

G.I. Joe fandom

Kim was involved with the G.I. Joe fandom. In an April 2003 thread on GI Joe Cartoon Forum, poster oldschooljoefan wrote

Kimberleigh Ann Keister
1) On the Yahoo! GIJOE mailing list, Kim claimed she saved a kitten at a vet's (untrue) and brought up so many subjects with foul language and inappropriate content that she was banned.

2) Kim has been banned from setting foot on the LMU campus. She will deny it a hundred times, but it's true. She's not EVER going there---firstly, she can't afford it, and secondly, she's not allowed!

3) The voice on her Yahoo! profile is not her own. As if that was any kind of question, but letting the more innocent ones here know.

Kim, go away. You're a liar and a horrible artist. For crying out loud, you're even copying Kylen's website on your new one (her website was shut from Geocities for inappropriate content, but she's at it again).[30]

Kimberleigh Ann Keister

Kim stated she made background checks into another forum member: "Like I do, type in her name and it pulls up her state and chooses on what you want.. Super background check is 69.95 and gaves everything one her. ever thing from parents, phone number, cell phone to medical files. you can find it at people serach at Yahoo. I use it when i need get info on people for my lawyer."[30] On April 28, 2003 she posted in the thread "I can just as easy bring a lawsuit down on the fourm and it's owner"[30].

On April 29, 2003 Kim posted "I bet Medic's site is a rip off to this site..everything she has is ripped off"[31]


Kim has also shown up on several websites and mailinglists for the United States Navy. She was banned from the forum,[32] as well as was shunned from the 'NavalAviation' mailinglist on Yahoo for constantly trying to find a date.[33] Keister has also shown herself on a community for animal control officers, ACO Fun Stop, by first registering an account under the name 'KeepItWegging',[34] and then later as 'FleaBag'.[35] At some point while posting on this forum, Kim made a new enemy in user 'tomhato', as she mentions this person several times on her current webpage accusing them of physical assaults and stalking.[36]

Continuing online presence

Kim has described herself as: an animator with ties to the Walt Disney corporation and DreamWorks, having completed a B.S. degree in 4 years[37], a marine biologist[38], in the Navy[39], in the ROTC, becoming a veterinarian [40] and a law enforcement officer.[41]

Kim has a website from 2009 stating she is a professional dog handler.[42]

Kimberleigh Ann Keister was active again on deviantART, despite her previous bans, with username MysticWavesAnnLeigh,[43] WolfMist,[44]and she spent most of her time on DeviantART leaving rude comments and "trolling" artists.[45] Kim is on Fur Affinity as user AlyssaFox, Yuki-san-gwd, and potentially many other accounts currently unidentified. Dragoneer was alerted to her new presence.[46]

Kim has created several websites on, including one that means to 'set the facts straight' about her, purportedly created by her mother. (According to a posting on, Kim has pretended to be her own mother online.[47]) On this new website, she targets not only the previously mentioned 'tomahto' from the ACO Funstop forums, but also Banrai, whom she claims must be Volk as well as Gore, the original creators of[48]

This is not the first time that Keister has made Banrai a target, in 2007 Keister began judiciously defacing several articles on Wikifur related to Banrai.[49] Further edits to Banrai's article by Kim added that Kim had at some point filed for a restraining order against Banrai due to 'slander hate art'[50] After many years of relative silence, Keister has recently contacted Banrai via e-mail after many years of silence with a pre-written statement that was subsequently posted to other forums where Kim was being discussed.[51] Along with the short rant that was posted about Banrai on Kim's site, she also left a comment on the posts she linked to, 'The Banrai Files', in which she claims that Banrai is a Kim Keister impersonator, and that Banrai made up everything that was on Gore and Volk's website to tarnish Kim's reputation.[52] Kim seems to believe that the new administrator of, known as Loremaster, is also Banrai.[53] Further communication from Kim shows that she is now claiming that she is an imposter that was involved during the PoE days, and is just trying to make Kim look bad.[54] She has continued contact, despite being told to stop.[55][56]


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