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This page is about the adult toy. For the artist, see K-9.
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The K9 is a dildo in the shape of a canine's penis.


Made completely out of medical-grade silicone it measured about 20cm (8”) from base to tip; 4" from the knot to tip and has a circumference of 11cm (4.5") at the shaft and 18cm (7") at the knot.


It was made by Furrystyle and sold both by them in the US and YiffyToys.de in Europe.

Because this toy got so famous, it was replaced in 2007 by a series[1] of canine dildos. The "Runt", "Spike", "Duke" and "Goliath" (listed in increasing length).

The original toy is discontinued but could still be purchased at YiffyToys.de for a limited time until November 2008[2].

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