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Juzbunny is a furry fan who lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Juzbunny became aware of his great love of furriness when he was very young. He frequented Tapestries MUCK where he met many furs, and this helped him define himself. His first face-to-face meeting with other furs was at the first Ausgather, run by Hespa, Muse, and Ngarewyrd in 2002. He eventually became a [[staff|team member of the event until its cancellation in June 8, 2008.

Juzbunny has contributed to the furry fanzine South Fur Lands, and enjoys working with with costumes, mainly making ears and tails, and is interested in new projects.[clarify]

He is a big fan of artists LatinVixen, Diadexxus, and Growley, and local Australian fursuit makers Ozroo, Fallimar and Gilligan


Juzbunny main fursona is a rabbit, chosen because "bunnies are love".[citation needed] He is also a shapechanger, so is occasionally seen as a bear (Charley), or a dog.

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