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The Sonic God concept art
The Sonic God in leonine form
Shisazen Mukanu. Art by TaniDaReal.
Xavakin. Suit by Akorn Studios
Shisazen Mukanu. Suit by MixedCandy
Shisazen Mukanu (2009 version). Suit by MixedCandy

The Sonic God, also known as Sonicgott and The Divine Entity, and as Sonicgott Zenovka in Second Life (real name Justin P. Reese;[1] born July 8, 1981[2]), is a furry fan, fursuiter, photographer and furry convention staff member who lives in Blaine, Minnesota, USA.[3]


Justin P. Reese is semi-fluent in several languages, including German, French, Spanish, Finnish, Danish, Dutch, and Portuguese. He has some ability in Swahili, Bhantu and Zulu, due to his fascination with Disney's The Lion King franchise.

Reese works as a full-time sales employee for Micro Center, a national computer chain-store. He is an Apple-Certified computer salesperson, an A+ certified computer technician and has a degree in information and networking technology. Justin has traveled to many cities around North America, and once to Mexico.

Justin is the CEO and President of The Ultimate Gamers Community, created in July 2000.

Fandom involvement[edit]

The Sonic God has been involved with the furry fandom since 1981. In 1994, Justin soon found himself fascinated with one of Disney's animated films, The Lion King. In 2001, he created his first Lion King-based community. In 1998, Justin teamed up with SonicBlu to help maintain a Sonic the Hedgehog-based message-board community called The Sonic Oasis.[citation needed] Years later, Justin would finally meet SonicBlu face-to-face at Anthrocon 2006.

He is the Director of Registration at Anthrocon,[4] after being a volunteer first in 2006, a registration staff member in 2007, and registration Assistant Director in 2008.

He is also a message-board moderator and administrator on several furry-based communities such as The Lion King: United Nations and's furry Forum,[citation needed] and was the founder and main host of the defunct internet radio show Radio Unifurse.[citation needed]

The Sonic God has attended several furry conventions, either as a normal attendee, Super Sponsor, volunteer and/or staff member. Over the years, Justin found himself very fond of big cats, a huge part of his furry persona. In 1994, he soon realized the potential[clarify] for his character, creating a secondary alternative surname, The Divine Entity.

On April 12, 2009, Justin made an appearance on the Funday Pawpet Show, performing as a subservient Xavakin the Wolf (he would eventually appear twice on the show as such, as well as Shisazen Mukanu once), as well as debut of his Mike the Fox puppet, an old Folkmanis Puppets given to him by his friend Winail. On March 28, 2010, Justin joined up with Jasper to do a combined late night program for Radio Unifurse in Richmond, Virginia.[clarify]


Justin P. Reese's fursona is a Sonic the Hedgehog universe influence character named The Sonic God. The name dates all the way back to 1991. The persona was one of the divine[clarify] characters influenced by the franchise, along with others such as The Sonic Entity. It plays the role of a deity character for the furry universe, guiding and helping those who seek him. Despite having unlimited chaotic power, he uses it for the forces of good.

As Justin's character evolved, concept art created by Dave Rivet would be the first art to ever show a physical character for this character. Later, other concept art was created, influence in the Lion King feline look. The first artist to create the lion version was SpiritWolf77, followed by KWIK, TaniDaReal, MightyQuirky, and ProtvScar.


Convention attendance[edit]


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