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Justifiers is a roleplaying game involving Beta Class lifeforms, which are part human and part animal. The rulebook was written and illustrated by Gideon aka Clifford Van Meter.

The setting can easily be described as "Shadowrun in Space meets Stargate" as corporations rule not only the world, but also space and there are various alien races, called "Ahumans" of which some are hostile, while others are not. The general tone of the setting however, is far less serious, at least in the new edition, than this might sound at first as there are lots of references to popular culture, e.g. the backtext of the new core rulebook starts with the words "Space, the final frontier ...".

The Justifiers are shock-troops used, for example, in the exploration of newfound planets or wherever work gets really dirty. They are owned by the corporation who created them and each Justifier spends his or her day in the faint hope of somewhen, somewhere to be able to have earned enough money to repay his/her debt to the company who, literally, owns them.

It has been republished by german Science Fiction author Markus Heitz in Summer/Fall 2010 and so far has become some kind of a secret tip for roleplaying german furries.

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