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Caroo is an anthropomorphic hobby artist who lives in Australia.

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Just Ausronic is an inactive webcomic which was created by Caroo.

JA combines nice artwork with an interesting story that goes back and forth between being fun and lighthearted, and being serious and meaningful. The tale begins with Ash, a kangaroo and one of the main characters, being followed and 'attacked' by by a mysterious girl, who then follows Ash home. Ash and his roommate, Liz, ask the girl about her past, but learn little of use.

Upon discovering an odd symbol on the girl's forehead, Ash does a little online detective work. He finds that the symbol represents an organization referred to as The Triad, which is involved in slave trading. Giving the girl a new name, Liz and Ash make an attempt to let Purr have a chance at a normal life. The Triad has not forgotten about Purr, however, and doesn't plan to make to make things easy for her.

Despite refusing to improve his spelling, Caroo creates a beautiful chronicle of the lives of this makeshift family, and attempts to teach the reader some valuable life lessons. This reviewer gives Just Ausronic a rating of 9.5/10.

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