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JustFurry's "brand"
Author(s) Owner: LtWolfie
Launch date October 31, 2018
Genre Social networking

JustFurry is a Facebook-like social networking website made for furries. The project is led by LtWolfie. JustFurry reached 1000 members April 12, 2019.


The site features stories, blogs, forums, market, groups and pages. JustFurry has a number of distinct additional features.


One big major feature of the site is market system. It allows user to sell anything he/she wants, only expection is stuff related to sex, it is forbidden. Customer can contact the seller via the sites chat system. JustFurry does not handle payments or retain any percentages from commissions.

Users can also create new group or page of their interests and fully customize them.

JustFurry has fully customized forum page developed by LtWolfie.

JustFurry also has blog system for users that love blogging.

JustFurry has fully functional chat system customized for PC and phones.


JustFurry has own advertising system. If User got "JustFurry credit" he/she can advertise in the site. user has 2 placing options, newsfeed and sidebar and can choose ad bidding, "Pay per click or pay per view". Every click or view of the advertisement costs advertiser 0,15€ "JustFurry credit". User can buy "JustFurry credit" via Paypal or gain it if the points system is online. Points system is currently disabled.

Points system[edit]

JustFurry has points system which allows users to gain points what they can use for advertising in the site. User will gain 20 points when posting something into the site, 10 points per comment and 5 points per like. Points system is currently disabled.

Mobile version[edit]

JustFurry published mobile app for Android October, 19, 2019. Mobile app for IOS users is still under development.

Spam attacks[edit]

JustFurry's blog page has been under spammers attack alot, Which resulted the site to start using reCAPTCHA.

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