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Junius's current fursona in babyfur form, drawn by Marci McAdam.
Junius's monster dog fursuit
Junius's reference sheet.

Junius Arrakis, also known as June, Junia, and terminal-dogma (formerly known as Fluffy Pegasus, Junia Fencross, Stickers Teh Husky and FennecFreakkk[1]), is a furry artist, therian, and fursuiter. He is a transgender man. He considers himself a furry lifestyler to some degree,[2] and has interest in other fandoms such as anime and science fiction. He is currently attending Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey for an undergraduate degree in microbiology.

Fandom involvement[edit]


Junius's fursona was formerly a female ice fennec, with the power to manipulate temperature. He portrayed this fursona through fursuiting, role-playing, and Second Life. He has also had two other fursonas, a pink Siamese cat and a black and white Newfoundland dog, before settling on his current one.

Junius's current fursona is a monster dog, with white fur and green flesh. He has 4 eyes patterned with concentric green and yellow circles, with one smaller pair underneath his normal pair of eyes. He also has a large mouth running down his stomach, and bright green mohawk and eyebrows.

His theriotype does not match his fursona exactly, being a normal, plain white dog instead of an anthro monster dog.


Junius's first fursuit of his ice fennec character, created by Stitch Star Fursuits, first appeared at Anthrocon 2010.[3] His second (partial) suit was self-made, also of his fennec, and debuted at FA: United 4. His third suit, also self-made, was of his previous dog fursona. It first appeared at Anthrocon 2013 as a partial. It has since been revamped to represent his current character.

His fourth suit was a realistic partial of his black and white dog fursona, made using a DreamVision Creations resin base.

His fifth and current fursuit is a revamp of the third, featuring an entirely new head and digitigrade legs.

Convention attendance[edit]


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