Jules: Unboxing the World

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Jules: Unboxing the World is an independent game released on 12 August, 2010 for iPad[1] and ported to iPhone, created by a Brazilian company called Sulistas run by two people which one of them is an active member of the furry fandom, with their headquarters located in São Paulo, Brazil.

The Story[edit]

The game is about Jules, a charismatic red-blue creature with long ears and tail, that wake up one morning and realize that everyone in the world were trapped in boxes. Now, is up to him to release them, rolling over the boxes, freeing them. The enemies are evil boxes, if you accidentally roll over them, they will trap you.


The game has 30 levels and 3 endless modes. It uses the device's gyroscope to detect movements and make Jules roll trough the scenario, all of them, with a view point from the top. The game is single player and is available at iTunes store.


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