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Judas & Jesus is a 15-minute-long musical short animated film created in 2008 by Olaf Encke, and Claudia Romero which depicts Judas Iscariot, Jesus, and Mary Magdalene as sheep. It has minimal dialogue, and coordinates many actions with sound effects that are part of the score.



A white sheep named Jesus is born in a manger, marking the beginning of Christmas. Meanwhile, in Satan's harem, one of his many female lovers gives birth to a small black sheep named Judas. Judas is born in a sour mood, but that soon changes when all the girls take turns breastfeeding him.

A few years pass, and both Judas and Jesus prepare for their first day of school. Judas has developed anger issues due to his father frequently being too busy to take care of him, and has also developed perverse interests from growing up surrounded by nude women. This leads Judas to envy Jesus because Jesus is the focus of his parents' attention.

At school, a new student named Maria Magdalene joins the class, and Judas is immediately smitten with her. Meanwhile, Jesus is bullied by the other students and strung up from the ceiling on a makeshift cross. Maria tries to help Jesus, despite Judas's objections.

Another few years go by, with Jesus selling flyers promoting love and peace, while Judas is living in the remains of an old house across from Jesus's stand. Maria comes by, and Judas flirts with her by offering her a cigarette, which she accepts, but when Judas pulls out his lighter, some photos of a nude Maria taken through a bathroom vent fall out of his pocket, causing a disgusted Maria to storm off and join Jesus's stand, with the other sheep following her, as a seething Judas silently vows revenge on Jesus.

Another few years later, Judas sits eating pizza outside an Italian restaurant where Jesus is inside holding a meeting similar to the Last Supper. Maria arrives late, and Judas, captivated by Maria's sexy body, follows her inside. In order to keep his sights on Maria, Judas joins the meeting. However, he and everyone else except Jesus, is soon distracted when Maria yawns and stretches, revealing her body to the crowd. Jesus catches Judas ogling Maria's breasts and yells at Maria for disrupting his meeting. He then covers her with the tablecloth to obscure her body, much to Judas's disdain. They engage in a standoff which ends with Judas splashing the wine on Jesus. Maria then becomes interested in Judas, but he storms out before he can notice her seductive gaze at him. Maria stands up as Judas exits, letting the tablecloth slide off her and fall at her feet.

That night, Jesus enters his room above the restaurant and begins preparing for a reenactment of his crucifixion. Meanwhile, in her room down the hall, Maria changes into an extremely skimpy outfit, oblivious to Judas peeping in through the door. Desperate for sex with Maria, Judas follows her as she sneaks out the window, unaware Jesus has spotted them.

Judas ends up at a nightclub and discovers Maria works there as a stripper. Peeking in, he spots Maria making out with another sheep and is desperate to join the action, but is denied access due to having no money for the entry fee. However, upon discovering Jesus is a wanted sheep, Judas turns him in and pays the fee with the reward money.

Now inside the club, Judas watches with pleasure as Maria exhausts yet another sheep by her sexual foreplay. Maria celebrates this victory by ripping off her top and spraying the crowd with her breast milk. Finally getting the burst of courage he needs, Judas runs up to Maria and jumps her from behind. He starts humping her vigorously as the crowd cheers for him. Maria is aroused by this and briefly kisses Judas, but they are interrupted as an angry Jesus barges in. Believing Maria to be influenced by Satan, he attempts to perform an exorcism. However, thanks to Judas's tipoff, several guards barge in looking for Jesus, who is sold out by everyone in the club and promptly arrested.

The next day, Jesus is crucified on stage and is cheered for by the audience one last time before he dies, while Judas is chased by an angry mob and hung for his crime against Jesus during the closing credits.

Later on, Maria runs up to the tree where Judas has been hung, hugging him and crying as she mourns his death. Judas disintegrates in her arms, making her cry harder. Becoming angry, Maria rubs her clitoris, summoning a seven headed monster that serves as her pet, and has him incinerate the mob with his fire breath, then flying off into the night.


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