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Joshua Adam Bates (born November 10, 1986),[1] also known as Tibe19K, is a furry writer who lives in Columbus, Ohio, USA.[2]


Joshua's fursona is a German Shepherd.[3] He is almost all-white, with black along his lips and ear-tips. He has a silver fire bird on his chest, a black swirl from his tail's base to its tip, and black on either side of his sheath.


Joshua's furry-science fiction novel, Inevitable Will, was published by FurPlanet on January 23, 2009.[4] A sequel, Inevitable Will part two, was published on June 8, 2010.[5]

Real life[edit]

In real life, Joshua is a MILFur, being a member of the National Guard.[3]

Joshua's hobbies includes video games (mostly NES, SNES, and Sega), reading, target shooting, camping, and doing things on ATVs.[3]

On Monday March 15, 2021 it was reported by his direct manager through internal intranet email that Joshua Adam Bates had passed away. No further information was provided.


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