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Jora is also one of The Anthroness characters
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Jora (Jordan O'Keefe; born June 4th, 1987) is a student from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. His fursona is a gay lion.


Jora is the middle child having two older brothers and two younger brothers. In order from eldest to youngest the brothers are as followed: Blade, Rinji, Jora, Thomas, Damon


Blade (born May 22nd, 1972) is the eldest brother, and owns his own art gallery. Blade has a dark brown mane with deep blue eyes.


Rinji (born October 12th, 1976) is the second eldest brother. and a professional landscaper. Rinji, unlike his brothers, is a forest dragon with green and rust coloured scales. Rinji also posses shape shifting abilities but doesn't use them often and when asked why he doesn't just look like his brothers responded with "I shouldn't have to look like them to be accepted."


Jora (born June 4th, 1987) is going into his last year of University and to help pay for it Jora has been working for a erotic restaurant/club. Jora's mane is a dark chocolate brown, his eyes are milk chocolate brown and his body fur is a nice golden colour.



Real life[edit]

Jora is a full time student who is taking Information Technology this September (Sept. 2nd, 2008), through the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC). Before this he took Architectural Engineering Technician (2007-2008, again through NSCC), and two years (2005-2007) of Math and Physics at Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU).

Jora stands 6'2" tall with brown hair and eyes and usually dresses in jeans and plain t-shirts of red, blue, black, and green. During the summer, Jora works full time at M&M Meat Shops, which works out great for him due to his love of things cold.

While online, Jora likes to surf the net and socialize with furs all over the globe. He is a member of Anthroverse and Yiffstar. He also likes to play online with his xbox 360 as PaleNecromancer.


Jora has been a master to a number of furs in the last two years. He has seen many come and go and only the really good pets remain. As of August, 2008, Jora is master to Johnny the husky (a husky), and Alex (a pink bunny).

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