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Jonesy Tawner, also known as Jonesy Teazle (Second Life), Jonesy Bunny, and formerly as DrJones, is a furry fan living in the Netherlands. They were active in the FurryMUCK, Tapestries, Second Life and Team Fortress 2 communities and are still informally an administrator of The Furry Pound, a Steam-based furry community. Nowadays they can be found on Steam.


Jonesy Tawner's player was born in Poland. They are fluent in three languages; English, Dutch and Polish.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Jonesy Tawner hosts various websites, maintaining the server together with Hiryu. The sites are, Lori Central as well as a few hosted pages for friends and acquaintances such as Dreamweaver's Dreamweaver Studios website and Doug Winger's Doug's Sekrit Site.


They are the creator of the characters Jonesy Tawner and DrJones, as well as several other characters active in the furry fandom.

Jonesy Tawner[edit]

A more recent picture of Jonesy Tawner, presenting her current outfit, hairstyle and glasses. Art by Furball.

A 4.5' anthropomorphic hermaphrodite bunny of the dwarf bunny kind. Originally a spin-off character of DrJones/Doc Jones, she quickly became an entire character of her own.

Her appearance is very much like Doc Jones in term of fur colour, being a deep blue. The color of her eyes is blue as well, while her skin and nose are pink. She has long hair, often styled into a braid. She also wears gold-framed glasses as she is nearsighted (see Factory Failsafes below). While Jonesy is generously endowed by her in-story-creators, she is by no means a Wingerized fursona, though this varies on occasion and is used mostly for fun (see Abilities and weaknesses below).

Jonesy has a passive yet easygoing personality; she prefers to listen and watch and hang out in company of friends. She likes to be kind to others as she likes kindness in response and is hard to offend. She found that people she doesn't know are often worried about approaching her for the first time in fear that she will reject them. Such is not the case because she loves making friends and cares for those who are truly sincere. Sometimes if she has a bit too much energy, she tends to become rather bouncy and active.

As of 2015, Jonesy's body has existed for 14 years. Note that her mental age has been programmed to start at 20, giving her a roughly 35 year old's mindset nowadays.


Jonesy was created by Halcyon Corporation who specializes in genetic engineering for war. They have been largely successful as suppliers of military units of all sorts, and have decided to try out in the entertainment area as well. Their first project was a sex toy bunny. After numerous test iterations, the first successfully created version was Number 15, later known as Jonesy. Previous models either did not shape properly or suffered various failures, for example Number 14 died soon after creation due to a neural failure. Jonesy has once been referred to as being an fully biological android.

The original design was that of a petite all-black bunny with both sexes, meant to obey every command without a will of its own, cheap to manufacture and easy to replace. Due to mysterious benefactors, Jonesy gained self-awareness as she slept before the day that she was to be handed over to Halcyon Corp's CEO. As this awareness occurred, she made her escape more by luck than wits, even if her mental capacity was increased to genius levels. The change also turned her fur entirely blue while keeping her skin colour unchanged. She later found out that a mysterious symbiote had bonded with her on a molecular level, effectively fusing with her into one being. She believes that Number 15 only exists as her training of a sex toy and body, while her personality belongs to that of the symbiote.

After her escape, Jonesy sought out a safe place with the Tawner Family who took her in on their moving private space station Safehold. There she matured and grew under the loving, caring tutelage of Nikotaka 'Niko' Tawner and the nightfox's friends such as Faeon, Malaika and others. The family grew as they moved from Safehold to the land of FM where they were joined by Tazel Sixpaws, Doral, Pikacha and several others.

During this and later time, Jonesy became an accomplished scientist and doctor, skilled in many of the fields that both professions encompass, her main interests have become Artificial Intelligence and Genetics.

Only recently she has found out about and met others in her line of work such as Dr. Foxy Trinity, Dr. Veronica Skerry and Dr. Holly Wednesday.

Abilities and weaknesses[edit]

Jonesy possesses no special abilities of her own aside from her smarts that she gained during her change and the knowledge she put into her head over the years. Her body, while petite in build, possesses the natural width and strength of the lower body that rabbits are known for. She can run very quickly but does not possess more physical strenght than any humanoid of her size. She does however posess superior stamina as part of her morning jogging routines as well as other activities.

Her interest in genetics has given her the ability reprogram her DNA, with the unique nature of her body due to the symbiote, she is able to experience similar shapeshifting abilities as DrJones, however these are not done at will but by ingesting a special programming fluid that she often carries around with her. The shapes, in similar fashion to DrJones, last longer if they're of equal size and mass as herself. She's been known to change herself into a 10 foot tall multi-limbed version of herself she dubbed the Alpha Bunny, a skunk, mink and mouse shape to name a few.

During her time on FurryMUCK, she had numerous meetings with various demonic creatures such as Chessia, Oni, Charm and MiaFillene. It was during one of her meetings with Charm when the arctic vixen's seed supercharged Jonesy's body, giving her an at-will ability to become a half-demon. In this shape, Jonesy is a head taller than usual, has black fur and skin and has the characteristic 'horns' that a demon has, if small in size. In this shape, her male and female attributes are very exaggerated and over productive.

"Factory Failsafes"[edit]

This demonic ability has become less and less used after Jonesy discovered documentation of herself, finding out her body had a limited lifespan of 5 years. She tried to find various ways of fixing this limitation, without much success. Luck as it would be, during Chessia and Oni's wedding, at the after party, she was splashed by Charm's seed once again. This dose was much more intensive as the vixen was in an excited state and it again supercharged Jonesy's body to the point she could live off the energy, surpassing her 5 year lifespan. Since then, Jonesy must be "recharged" every decade.

Another problem Jonesy had to overcome early in her first year of life, was another of the failsafes built into her body to avoid her survival without Halcyon Corp. The worst of them next to the limited life span was the D gene. Short for Degeneration, it is a special gene designed to make her break down. The symptoms were neural pathways shutting down over time, rendering Jonesy less and less intelligent and more feral while other parts of her body started to fail such as heart, lungs, hearing, sight, etc. Jonesy was saved in time, with help of Niko. All of the damage caused was slowly restored by Jonesy's symbiote, unfortunately, her eyesight never returned to normal and she was forced to wear glasses.


Also known as Doc Jones, is a former fictional character of Jonesy Tawner's player. While the nickname was initially inspired by the famous Indiana Jones series, the character didn't exist until a character had to be created for a group story that was part of the Jazz Jackrabbit community forums. In this light, DrJones became a blue-furred male rabbit. Soon after, because the site Lori Central gained a large interest, DrJones became Lori Jackrabbit's non-canon boyfriend and later her non-canon fiancé.

The character of DrJones was used for several years until the creation of Jonesy Tawner. The original was renamed to Doc Jones.


Doc Jones is 5.5 feet tall and has a slightly muscular build. Like his counterpart Jonesy Tawner, he has no fur markings, his entire pelt of a deep blue colour. His abilities consist of shapeshifting, though its use limited by size and mass. The larger a shape he chooses to assume, the more strength that will sap. One unique ability was his ability to shift into non-organic items as well, known to become a spaceship and car on occasion.

In the original story he arrived at Carrotus of the Jazz Jackrabbit universe at the time of the second game Jazz Jackrabbit 2 and met Lori. They fell in love and got closer much to the creator's surprise as he intended it all to be a fair chase, with Lori's creator as judge.

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