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Taz Amuro's visual reference

Jonathan Omar Villarruel (born December 3),[1] also known as Madame Jonathan, is an artist who lives in Argentina.[1]


Jonathan's character is Taz Amuro. He is a male anthropomorphic primate, a hybrid of eastern lowland gorilla and spider monkey. He has an athletic physique, with a bodybuilder's musculature. His short fur is brownish, showing darker shades on his head, limbs, chest, and erogenous zones. He presents grayish tones on his back and tail.

Tattoos with a shape similar to a swastika are found on Taz's hands, feets, ears and genitalia. he has a rectangular face with a tattoo that is reminiscent of a mask. In it there are piercings: conics (snake-bite type) in the side of his lips, a simple ring in the middle of his bottom lip, a bull ring in his nose, "horns" in his temples, and perforation rings in his earlobes.

His eyes are reddish brown with black sclera, and his eyelids are darker shade of pink.

Taz's clothing, characterized by darker shades of gray with small portions of white for contrast, consists of cap, hoodie, athletic gloves, trousers, soap sneakers, socks, jockstraps, and athletic tape for his tail.


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