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Jonathan Myers (1974-present) is a cartoonist and illustrator most notable for creating the Adventures of the Swamp Fox children's book series. He has worked for several years in the comic, gaming, and book industries. His style is reminiscent of Disney and Don Bluth animated features, which has attracted fans to his comic and children's book works. Myers first published Swamp Fox: Birth of a Legend in 2002, through the now defunct Ambition Studios. It was republished in color in 2000, through Odyssey Illustrated Press. A children's book series, continuing the exploits of Francis Marion, will be launched in 2009 called Adventures of the Swamp Fox.

Myers has an ardent respect for the Funny animal genre and has cited Don Bluth's animated masterpiece, The Secret of NIMH as his primary inspiration. Myers wife, Lola, and friend, Michael Sturgulewski assist him with painted backgrounds on his new Swamp Fox efforts.

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