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Agahnim, also known as Aggie, Anhinga, Microraptor and Cayro (born 1983), is an artist, writer and cartoonist who lives with his girlfriend Ixerin in North Carolina, USA.


Most of his art and writing relates to paleontology, evolution, and the origin of birds, particularly in order to make fun of creationists for their failure to understand these topics.[citation needed] He is known for drawing the webcomic Occam’s Razor, starring the superhero Captain Occam and his nemesis The Prattmaster.

Occam’s Razor[edit]

A typical exchange between Captain Occam and the Prattmaster

The Occam’s Razor comic series was first introduced as a private joke[1] at Christian Forums, a forum where Agahnim often debates with creationists.

The nature of the joke revolved around creationists who rely on “PRATT lists”: lengthy lists of arguments that each has been refuted numerous times before, “PRATT” being an acronym for Point Refuted A Thousand Times. However, this comic quickly became so popular that it grew into an entire series. In addition to Captain Occam and the Prattmaster, its recurring characters include the following:

  • Dr. Hovind - A caricature of the infamous creationist Kent Hovind, who is portrayed in the comic as an evil mastermind.
  • Mr. Pardalis - A character based on an actual paleontologist for whom Agahnim has worked.[clarify] Both the character and his real-life counterpart bear more than a passing resemblance to Revolver Ocelot, although in the comic this resemblance is slightly exaggerated.
  • Mr. Pardalis’s student - A young man based on Agahnim as he was in spring and summer of 2003 while working for this paleontologist between high school and college.
  • Ixerin - A Deinonychus based on the fursona of Agahnim’s girlfriend.
  • Zedekiah - An ignorant and arrogant creationist pastor. He is named after a similarly self-righteous king described in the Old Testament of the Bible.

The reaction to these comics has been overwhelmingly positive,[citation needed] with posts about them from such high-profile sites as Dresden Codak and Pharyngula.[citation needed]

Other projects[edit]

Agahnim’s longest-running online project is the creation of a dinosaur RPG that attempts to reconstruct the lives of extinct animals in as realistic a manner as possible, without involving the anthropomorphism that is common in most such RPGs.[citation needed] This RPG has gone through several iterations at different websites, which include:

  •, which was shut down as a result of being spammed by Bobby Plank.
  •, which was abandoned as a result of its webmaster breaking into accounts at other websites belonging to the people who posted there.
  •, Agahnim’s own website from 2004 until 2006, which was abandoned following his separation with his girlfriend Crow.
  •, the RPG’s most recent location.

Another project shared between Agahnim and Ixerin is the creation and management of Domain of Darwin, a deviantART community devoted to evolution and debunking creationism.


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