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JTigerclaw is a furry artist furry musician and fursuit performer living in Iredell County, North Carolina. He is known for his fursuit performance as the character JTigerclaw, his role as guitarist/vocalist in the all fursuit punk rock band Furry Punk Rock Massacre, as a contributer to the FBA (Furry Basketball Association) and as the artist of the webcomic Fletcher Apts, which he started in October 2005. The webcomic has been idle since 2010 and is on 'indefinite hiatus' until further notice.


Born in 1985 and originally from Galveston, Texas, JTigerclaw (or "JT" as he likes to go by) went to college at Savannah College of Art and Design where he graduated from in March 2007 with a BFA in Broadcast Design and a minor in Interactive Design. His hobbies include furry, art, comics, basketball, guitar, and video making.

JTigerclaw currently lives in Iredell County, NC, less than an hour from Charlotte, NC. He is a member of the Iredell County Fur Group and is a former/partial member of the Southern Comfurt furgroup in Savannah, GA and the LA Furs furgroup in Los Angeles area, CA.

JTigerclaw, as of 2014, works as a taxi driver for his local Yellow Cab company. He is now engaged to his fiancé Katalina, a snow leopard from Boston, MA, whom he met on a furry forum, Furrie Haven (owned by Kata'lina) in April 2006. He proposed to Kata'lina in October 2013 at the furry convention FurFright in Cromwell, CT. The two met in person at FurFright in 2007 and have lived together since June, 2008.


JTigerclaw's fursona is your average orange tiger with brown eyes and shaggy brown hair, about shoulder length. He wears a yellow t-shirt (commonly seen with a Vans logo) and green camo shorts with a black studded belt. This style most closely resembles a skater style, which is modeled after JTigerclaw's real life clothing choice. Past renditions of his fursona have included a necklace and/or eyebrow/lip piercings, modeled after JT's real life appearance at the time.

JTigerclaw the character shares the same personality as JTigerclaw the person. Though the character is more bouncy and less introverted than his creator tends to be, both are friendly, silly, playful and act with cute mannerisms. The similarities extend to hobbies as well, with JTigerclaw the character also being an avid basketball fan/player and playing punk music on his guitar.

Though some may assume that the J in JTigerclaw stands for Jon, this is not the case. The J was mostly tacked on to the beginning of the name to be more unique and because it was the first letter of his first name (Jon). JTigerclaw is actually just one word though, and the J actually does not stand for anything.

The character JTigerclaw also appears in the Furry Basketball Association from 2009-2012 as a point guard for the Galveston Sand Dollars. This character is not the same as the fursona and is merely a character of the same name which exists solely in the FBA universe as a professional basketball player. JTigerclaw was removed from the league in 2012 when new rules disallowed the inclusion of personal characters.


JTigerclaw owns a fursuit of his fursona. It was constructed by Don't Hug Cacti[1] and debuted at Furry Weekend Atlanta 2009.[2]

JTigerclaw has fursuited at many conventions, events and furry meets since his debut. Conventions he tends to frequent are FurFright, Furry Weekend Atlanta, and Anthrocon.

JTigerclaw has performed in suit numerous times as the guitarist/vocalist for the fursuit punk band Furry Punk Rock Massacre, founded by JTigerclaw and formed at FurFright 2011 with Twitch Da Woof, CamoRovak and Teddy. The band plays punk covers at talent shows mostly but has also played a full show as a featured musical guest at Indy Fur Con in 2013.

JTigerclaw also has a fursuit variety show on Livestream called JT's Fuzzcast (in Season 3, sporadic updates). The show features JT in suit along with friends (Kata'lina, Blue Hayze, Growly, Rood Roo and others) and features mostly random, improvised comedy and interaction, as well as a few organized games like charades, subservient (modeled after the Funday Pawpet Show) and Mad Libs.

JTigerclaw has been known to talk in suit at various times (Fuzzcast, Furry Punk Rock Massacre) although the speech is still considered in character due to the closeness in personality between character and creator. Most of the time, however, JTigerclaw communicates with feline sounds, mews, purrs and hisses. At furry conventions, the sounds and speech are interchangeable and both are part of the character.

JTigerclaw's Art[edit]

JTigerclaw has drawn various artwork for the fandom since 2005, including comics for his webcomic, Fletcher Apts. art and logo design for the FBA, commissions and personal art. JTigerclaw's updates his art most frequently on FurAffinity. He does not use Deviant Art, Inkbunny, or any other art sites as of now.

He has had his art featured in the Furry Weekend Atlanta Conbook and the FurFright Conbook in 2007, a guest comic on the webcomic The Suburban Jungle, and a guest comic on the webcomic, Concession. While he marketed himself most heavily as a furry artist from 2006-2009, he does not frequently take commissions and now has a more balanced focus on art, music and fursuiting in the fandom.

JTigerclaw and the Fandom[edit]

JTigerclaw found the furry fandom around 2005 after discovering a few furry webcomics on the internet and beginning his own months prior. A frequent poster on the Comic Genesis and Jack forums in promoting his comic, he joined a small furry forum community, Furrie Haven (run by Kata'lina) in 2006. It was there that his introduction to the furry fandom truly started and his involvement in the community deepened. He attended his first furry convention, Anthrocon, in 2006.

JTigerclaw enjoys going to furry conventions and can be found at between 2-4 conventions a year. His contributions to the fandom can be found in the form of art (FurAffinity), comics (Fletcher Apts), music (Furry Punk Rock Massacre), fursuit performance (JT's Fuzzcast, YouTube, conventions/meets), and the FBA (art/design/story/character).

As for future aspirations, JTigerclaw intends to reboot his webcomic, Fletcher Apts (idle since 2010) at some point in the future as well as possibly produce more comic-based art centered around other creations. He also will be writing original music for his band (Furry Punk Rock Massacre), finishing a number of backlogged fursuit videos, restarting JT's Fuzzcast and hopes to one day get into fursuit building.

JTigerclaw is currently mostly active on Twitter and FurAffinity. His website (JTigerclaw.com) is still under renovation.


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