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Jon Sleeper, a.k.a. JonBuck, is a transformation-genre writer. He wrote the original Winds of Change story universe, and later collaborated with writers Brian Eirik Coe and Bryan Derksen on the Winds of Change Great Round Robin. All three of these writers also later collaborated with Doug Linger and Trey McElveen on the Teen Round Robin.

The Teen Round Robin was never completed. Last work done was in 1998.

He is currently[when?] a list administrator on TSA-Talk, a mailing list associated with the Transformation Story Archive, and on Shifti, a transformation-focused wiki story archive.

At present[when?] he goes by Jean Doe in some circles, primarily #thezoo on the IRC channel anthrochat. Nowadays his Transformation stories are mostly Transgender related. Currently[when?] he is in charge of both the Transformation Story Archive and the Science Fiction Setting FreeRIDE (of which he is a co-creator with Robotech Master) and drama-based setting Paradise. Both of which heavily explore Transgender themes and have brought new writers to the TSA including Robotech Master and Hawl/Sera Enroygall. The latter of whom is also heavily involved in the Metamor Keep setting.

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