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John Van Stry is a Science Fiction and Fantasy author, who has written several books featuring anthropomorphic characters. Prior to becoming a successful independent (indy) author, he was a regular contributor to Yarf! under either his own name or a pen name.

His first self published novel Children of Steel was released in 2011 and takes place in "a future where genetically created animorphs serve as second class citizens and handle all of the dirty and dangerous jobs that are part of humanity's extension to the stars." He wrote several more books and a novella in this universe before moving on to other worlds.

Currently his second most successful series is 'Portals of Infinity' that features a protagonist who has discovered the ability to travel between realities and is currently employed by a god. The series features some anthropomorphic aspects.

The next biggest series is the 'Hammer Commission' series, which takes place in the current world, however lycanthropes, demons, devils, and other magical creatures exist, but are kept hidden from the general public at large. The hero works for a religious organization and is their head devil killer. He's also a cougar lycanthrope who lives in Oregon.

Links to these books as well as his Amazon site can be found here: [1]

His most successful series to date, written under his pen name (Jan Stryvant) is the best selling (over 500,000 copies sold) "Valens Legacy" A seventeen book epic about a young man who unwillingly becomes the leader in the secret battle to free the lycans from their bondage to the magic councils. This series falls into the Urban Fantasy category and takes place in modern day Reno Nevada.

Links to those books as well as his Amazon site can be found here: [2]

All told, John Van Stry has over forty novels in print and now works full-time as a writer in Texas.


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