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Telfyr, also known as Telauren (real name John Stephen Lovatt;[1] born 1989, Uttoxeter, England), is a furry/anime artist.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Telfyr has been a member of the furry fandom since 2000 and has taken various influences along with him, that stretch from film and television to artists spanning the net. He hosts his art on deviantART,, Fur Affinity, VCL and Sheezy Art.

Telfyr has been the same alias he is been using since joining the fandom, assuming other names only when visiting other art pages, but even at that it was only with minor changes (e.g. Telfyr89).[clarify]


His artwork, and the way of depicting anthropomorphic beings, has changed throughout the years, mainly due to outside influences[clarify] and trying constantly to emulate artists' technique and/or style, tweaking it until it suits his purpose.

All this normally takes his artwork through drastic developing style changes every so often, but becoming more and more consistent.[clarify]


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