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Jay. Art by Timmiboi in 2010

Johannes "Jay" Wulfe, also known as Wolfie-DMX (born 1989), is a furry musician and Radiofur from South Africa.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Jay became a member of the furry fandom in December 2009, whilst browsing deviantART, having been fond of anthropomorphic characters throughout his life.


Jay's fursona is a brown anthropomorphic wolf. He has short brown fur with lighter shades of brown fur across his body with a large fluffy tail. He has interests in computers, electronics, amateur radio and the musical arts along with audio equipment.

Amateur Radio[edit]

Jay has been involved in ham radio since 2005 and is a licensed amateur radio operator since April 2008. He is still active, holding an unrestricted license. He volunteers at many community events and has assisted in times of disaster under the coordination of local Disaster Management organizations.[citation needed]

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