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Corsi's badge, representing his husky fursona

Corsi (born March 5, 1972)[1] is a furry writer, artist, musician, and fursuiter who lives in Allen, Texas, U.S.A.[1] His fursona, previously a mouse, is a male Siberian husky.

Corsi is also a member of the music group Mousetrap.

Second Life[edit]

Corsi can be found on Second Life under the username Corsi Mousehold. He is the former owner of FurNation Hell, Vista and Alpha (Now all sold off to other parties), and is also a member of the Second Life Military Group Silver Hawks.

Corsi has been a Guest of Honor for Wild Nights and Fangcon though he was unable to attend the latter.

Corsi is moderately active in the babyfur community as a caretaker and currently makes collars out of Paracord rope which can be seen on his FurAffinity page.


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