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Joey Leaf Runner (born August 10, 1981) is a furry person, with a Palomino Clydesdale fursona, living in Modesto, California. He is co-writer of the furry webcomic Further North and other projects. Joey grew up in the southern California City of Pomona[1] and graduated from Garey High School in 2000. He found the fandom while in high school by reading such webcomics as Sabrina Online, Roomies and Suburban Jungle.

In 2003, along with eight other furries, Joey attended Anthrocon which would become the first of many conventions for him over the next seven years.

Circa late 2011, Joey was attempting to get back into writing with a new work in progress. His work came to a crawl upon suffering a back injury resulting in the loss of his income for almost six months, though he was employed in Modesto, California (circa late 2011) and living with his wife Tippi Blue Snow Angel the couple having recently celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary.


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