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Joe posing at AC 14
Joe at MFF 2014 with weapon prop

JoeCWolf, also known as JoeWolf, Joe, and Fire Starter Wolf (born April 28, 1989, in Austin, Texas, USA) is an anthro artist and fursuiter[1] living in his hometown with his mate Hodari Lion. His fursona is a Mexican wolf.[1]

Joe became part of the furry fandom in 2004 and is, as of 2015, working on a furry comic called Wild Starter.


Joe's first fursuit was built by Magnus Diridian in 2008.[citation needed] In 2012, a second suit was built by ByCats4Cats and debuted at Midwest FurFest of that year.[1] At conventions while in the suit, Joe frequently carries fake weapons as props; some of them are based off his comic.

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