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Jodie Scott (Angel Blaze) is a 23 year old artist. She doesn't have a preferred furre type to draw, instead she enjoys the challenge of drawing anything and everything. One of her drawings was used as badge art for Further Confusion (Furcon) 2006.

She has a BA Honours English Degree, from the University of Greenwich.

Joining Furcadia in March 2005, her first alt was Lirael Abhorsen. Taken from characters in Garth Nix's, Old Kingdom stories. After a rocky start, Angel Blaze took over as her primary alt. She became a Beekin in August 2005, as part of the Welcomers group. Currently she is one of the Heads of the Welcomers alongside Ahezhara and Hopes.

Currently she is enhancing her patching skills. Patching is the process of designing objects that can be placed inside the dreams and maps of Furcadia. Each object needs to be set at the angles of the Furcadia layout, so creating objects is not always an easy process. However there are always new objects to make, and new ideas to try out.

Outside of Furcadia she spends most of her time practicing new drawing techniques and styles. She uses a large graphics tablet and photoshop to create her most recent artwork.

Other than drawing, she is a keen reader, and loves to read mainly fantasy themed books. Garth Nix being one of her favourite authors, alongside Phillip Pullman. Other authors that top her list are Sarah Waters and Jeanne Kalogrides.

She is engaged to Avon Rogan, who plays Furcadia as the militant mouse Holiday. They plan to marry in England, where civil partnerships are legal, whereas in the United States, where Holiday currently lives, civil partnerships are not recognised.

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