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Jivewriter (also known as Jobe or Jack Snake) is a fan fiction writer, anthropomorphic furry artist and a furry convention attendee.

Jivewriter frequents Yiffstar's Yiffchat and Eka's Chat.


Jivewriter has three names he goes by, including Jivewriter, the alias he uses for writing, Jobe (pronounced Joe-bay with the Japanese pronunciation), which is his signature on all of his pictures, and Jack Snake, his main persona's name, which is also his alias when he attends conventions.


Jivewriter is known as a writer in the Digimon fandom. On the well-known Digimon Experience Site, he was author of the (incomplete) DigaProtector series, and, more recently, wrote the Sonic Crisis story on the SonicAnime.net forums.


Jivewriter is not a well-known artist in the furry community, but his best-known pictures are his "Mating Season" series, often depicting the males of one species (e.g. mountain lions) having sex while his main persona Jack is in the middle of it.

Jivewriter also, most of the time, draws anthropomorphic Digimon characters, but has been known to branch out into his own characters. He rarely draws females.

Jivewriter does requests, and often makes gift art for other artists.

Furry conventions[edit]

Jivewriter's first convention was FA: United when it first opened in August, 2007, attending as a Founding Member. He has stated that he will continue to go to the convention every year as long as he is able, since he is a member of the site.

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