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Jinxy (born August 3, 1977, in California)[1] is an artist and a melanistic or black phase, jaguar, who has been known to frequent SoFurry's chat rooms and Second Life.

Usually in her original form on Yiffchat (Now SoFurry.com). She has multiple avatars on Second Life where her name is paired with the surname Soleil, Which lead to her calling herself jokingly 'The unlucky Light'. Often a white haired neko with a cybernetic ear, she plys her trade as a dj when the mood catches her. Her favorite forms of music include most forms of metal,electronica, trance and dance and folk rock not of U.S. origin.

Rather straightforward in her speech, she has a mild aversion to being touched by strangers and often comes of as aloof in initial meetings. She was mated for two years to Maah Stronghorn but the relationship was ambiguously terminated.

She spent several months spending time with her neice in Southern Australia. Last known location: Denmark.


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