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Jinxxy (born September 23, 1986) is a female fursuiter and fursuit builder who lives in Spokane, Washington, U.S.A. Her fursona is a neon-green jackal with black and white markings. She also has a few alternate characters, including a pony version of herself.


Jinxxy has been drawing for most of her life, and started to build fursuits around 2009. She creates both toony and realistic costumes.

She suited at RainFurrest 2011 with her sister Jazzy, both wearing costumes she had made.


Jinxxy has been in the My Little Pony collecting community since 2001, and has amassed quite a hoard of little fillies since then. At once point her collection was over 1000 individual ponies. Jinxxy is also exceptionally fond of pet rats and has been housing them even longer than she's been a furry. She usually has around ten or so fancy rats ranging from hairless to blues to Siamese odd eyes and everything in between. She is the founder of the Spokane Rat Club.

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