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This article is about the person from South Africa. For other uses, please see Jinx disambiguation page..

Jinx (also known as Jaded Victoria Forbes) is an artist from Johannesburg, South Africa, that now lives in Bournemouth England, whose character is a wolf/bad luck demon hybrid.

Jinx has a predominantly black coat with neon magenta markings around the eyes, tips of the ears, tail, arms, legs (up to the knees and elbows), and from the neck to crotch. Her character is most often clad in Skater/Alternative apparel.

Jinx was inspired to enter the anthropomorphic community by such artists as Huskie and Goldenwolf. She made an appearance at Anthrocon 2004, and plans to study at either the Sheridan Institute in Canada, or Bolton University in Bolton, UK, in September 2007.

Victoria has recently been accepted on the National Centre of Computer Animation course, Computer Animation and Visualization, at Bournemouth University in England for the 2008 year through to 2011.

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