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Jinx (or Jinxi, born January 1988) also known as Crystal, is a lesbian furry artist and writer who lives in Arapahoe County, Colorado, U.S.A. Her real name is Crystal. She is the founder and mod of the Livejournal Furry Pen Pal community furrysnailmail.

Crystal's fursona is a red fandox, a red fox and red panda hybrid. Her fur is predominantly rusty red-orange, and she sports a white muzzle, white ears with black tips, white markings on her cheeks and brows, and a long ringed tail. In real life, Crystal is known for her long, fluffy mane of brown hair, and Jinx is often depicted with a similarly Circassian 'do. Jinx's red panda half is a nod to Crystal's Indian heritage, as well as a fitting representation of her personality. The red fox, a classically American animal, is representative of her American side, as well as her cleverness.

She is mated to Valentine the Mouse, and they live with two cats in the suburbs of Denver. They have been together nearly four years and have plans to tie the knot in late 2009.

Crystal has plans to begin fursuiting, and a debut at Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2008 is in the works.

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