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Jib Kodi Snowboarding at Furry Ski Weekend at Copper Resort, Colorado

Jib Kodi is a professional animator from Canada who currently resides in the United States.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Jib joined the fandom in Spring of 2017. He is a Furry animator and a Fursuiter. He was the Guest of honor at Furpocalypse 2018 and VancouFur 2019.


His fursona is a cross between a fox and a husky. He wears a blue ski goggle with "Awooo" labeled on the straps. At conventions, he is often seen wearing a digital badge which display his animations.


Jib’s fursuit was created by Dont Hug Cacti and it debuted at Midwest FurFest 2017 which was also his first time attending a furry convention.

Convention attendance[edit]

(*) - GoH


Jib creates 2d Animation using TVPaint. He produces numerous short 10-20 second animated GIFs which focus on mundane life routines and personal experiences from furry fandom.

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