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Jezzabelle, also known as JezzKitty on DeviantArt, is a British furry artist.

About the Artist[edit]

Jezzabelle is a Digital and Traditional Artwork and takes commissions when her daytime job allows her to. She also likes to write stories and post comics when she gets the time. In particular, her current project revolves around the universe of her story The Rangers of Newland which star her two main characters Jezzabelle Forest and Andre Caspian.

The Rangers of Newland[edit]

This is Jezzabelle's personal project about a world many thousands of years in the future. The human race is extinct and in their place are a race of anthropomorphic animals, that live in their baron world of adopted technology. Their natural enemy, the wolf (species), have evolved into super wolves. Their natural food source is dying out, so the anthropomorphic animals are the new source of food. Newland, being the capital of the new world is protected from this savage threat and the Rangers are intrusted to protect the people from the outside invaders both from inside and outside its walls. Often the rangers are deployed into the bush to destroy these evolved animals to stop the threat from reaching their home, but when an all-new enemy from an entirely different race threatens the city of Newland, it's up to the new recruit, Jezzabelle Forest, a Norwegian Forest Cat and her strict, yet grumpy Whitetail Deer commander Andre Caspian to stop this from happening.

Project 'LOYAL'[edit]

This is a secret comic project that Jezzabelle is currently working on in her spare time. It is a story set within the Rangers of Newland world but is not considered canon. The comic does not yet have a title but it is said that the story is based around her characters Andre Caspian and Jezzabelle Forest. A release date has not yet been confirmed.

Her Characters[edit]

She mostly has fan characters of her favorite fandoms such as Ratchet & Clank and Crash Bandicoot. Not only does she have fan-based, but also original characters. In total, Jezzabelle has over 25 characters. Her favourite original based characters are her fursona Jezzabelle Forest and her White-Tail Deer character Andre Caspian

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