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Jewel Vixens
The Jewel Vixens logo

Author(s) Aelius and Steven Swanson
Web 14

Jewel Vixens is a online furry webcomic co-written by Aelius and Steven Swanson, the comic's main artist. It follows the adventures of eight anthropomorphic vixens living in the 1970s as models while working as undercover agents for a mysterious benevolent organization called "F.U.T.U.R.E."

Jewel Vixens parodies 1960s and 1970s spy movies and TV shows such as Danger: Diabolik, James Bond, Charlie's Angels, and Mission: Impossible. It also references local pop culture of the era and employs many popular stereotypes of the era in a comedic fashion while at the same time lampooning the popularity of vixens within the furry fandom and vixen jokes.

The Jewel Vixens fight villains such as the Evil Blue Dude, who lives with his mom and runs the malevolent organization "S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M.", and his lieutenants, of which Evil Pink, Purple Lotus, Citronella Vindaloo, Mean Green, and Furious Fuchsia are known. Each lieutenant represents a colorized division of S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M. with particular practices and evil machinations.

Jewel Vixens is primarily a comedic comic, but at times has serious content. It maxes out at a PG-13 rating for its use of firearms, innuendo, and comic mischief.

The team[edit]

The Jewel Vixens are :
Here's the story... er, nevermind.

Additional characters[edit]

Other characters include:

  • Diamond : The mysterious founder of F.U.T.U.R.E. is none other than a woman claiming to have a Jewel Name as well. She aided in rescuing the girls and bringing them to the knowledge of the rival force bent on their destruction. Diamond provides the team with all the information and gear they need to help save the world from evil megalomaniancs desiring world domination. Very little is known about her personally, though...
  • Mendoza : Mendoza is the primary male character of the comic. He takes on the role as their main agent (modeling agent, travel agent, etc.) and undercover photographer, as well as a mediator between the Vixens and F.U.T.U.R.E., the benevolent organization that formed the team and supplies them. In the comic he says that he's the "horribly inept English buffoon" for comic relief, though it's likely he's just trying to make light of his nervousness around the ladies (a matter that was shown early on in the form of fainting spells every time he got near them). Despite his clumsiness, the Vixens like having him as a friend (or a 'pet' as Jade says).
  • Slappy Cromwell : Chief source of information when it comes to the gadgets that the Vixens will use in their mission, Slappy was employed by F.U.T.U.R.E. as the lead designer for field technology (and as such, instantly became friends with Aquamarine). Although his name caused a bit of a rough first impression with Sapphire, Slappy is a kind individual and quite helpful in figuring out the right tools to use in a pinch.


Recently, Aelius came up with a new feature to be added to the website called Ask-A-Vixen. Readers can email an address listed (such as the one in the External Links section of this WikiFur page) with a question to the Vixens, and the answers from the Vixens themselves will be posted on a special section of the website. Aelius warns that this feature is mainly for fun and giggles, so the girls won't be answering anything that spoils potential plots or that just reeks of extreme-fanboyishness. Of course, that very fact DOES give them the chance to mock the people who asked the offensive questions, though.


The comic is currently on hiatus as the main artist, Jodimest, had stepped down to pursue personal projects. A number of replacement artists had been considered, but the comic has not continued since.

As of December 1, 2011 the domain name expired and seems to have been cybersquatted.

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